Nicholas R. Luttinger – About the artist.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Pratt Institute in the 1960s, Mr. Luttinger spent a number of years as a graphic designer while pursuing his passion for painting and printmaking.

His technical knowledge of and skill with a variety of painting media including oil, acrylic and wax are exceptional.  He is equally skilled as a printmaker in the disciplines of aquatint, engraving and all intaglio methods along with stone lithography.

Technical skill alone does not make the artist.  Mr. Luttinger has spent over 4 decades creating art that explores the psyche and emotions while pursuing his own unique vision.

While Mr. Luttinger may not yet be well known to the general public, he has nevertheless been recognized by MOMA who purchased one of his graphic works in the 1970s.  A drawing by the artist is also a part of the Estate of the late Jerome Robbins, the great choreographer of the 20th century. 

Without doubt, Mr. Luttinger’s work and vision will stand as an important contribution to a legacy of the art of the 20th Century for generations to come.


New York, June 2016

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